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After 15 years of researching in both an academic and commerical setting I've found that the best way to deliver actionable data on how systems are viewed by users is an iterative cycle of research, prototyping and testing.


In many people’s eyes, the Research phase is key to creating an informed user experience, however it is also the phase most often skipped. Common tasks at this stage include: interviews, surveys and peer review.


The premise of this phase is to put ideas in front of users, get their feedback, refine them, and repeat. These ideas turn into paper prototypes and/or wireframes all deliberately created in low-fidelity to focus on interactions.


Done in conjunction with the design phase, a 'test early and often' approach to user research ensures that design and development teams are not wasteful with their time and efforts.

Actionable Data

Following this process in an iterative way (where sensible) allows us to get to the real 'diamond in the rough' moment.

David Thomas

Coined in Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash, the metaverse refers to a future version of the internet with virtual and augmented reality elements. My consulting, metaversal, refers to the study of these user generated virtual spaces.

I'm a lucky someone who genuinely loves what they do. I've always been fascinated by technology; particularly with regards to web related technology. I've been tinkering in this space since we measured connection speeds in baud as opposed to mbps.

I'm a firm believer in getting ideas out in the open as early in the development process as possible. It allows us to make well-reasoned design and functionality decisions before solutions go to get engineered. I also believe that conducting desk based research to triangulate the results of any testing / user centred design process can mitigate many of the early pitfalls of all type of software development.

BA Business & Finance
New Orleans @ Habitat for Humanity
Project Manager @ Network Rail
MRes | PhD Digital Innovation
Metaversal Research

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I've been known to blabber on about UX, Chinese OEMs and sociotechnological issues.

30 days of targeted learning

School’s are out, idiots are wearing sunglasses indoors, jorts are back and open toed footwear are practically littering the streets. Yep, you guessed it – it’s summer time. Outside of work, I absolutely love the summer – but for a freelancer it makes for some tough weeks trying to line up enough work to tide you over till people come back from their holidays.

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infected testing

Emulating a real-life environment. We recently undertook a usability test for a shop website at our user testing partners’ offices. It had been a few months since we’d last used their facilities as we’d been focusing on doing small guerilla tests on-site and we turned up on the day to find that their equipment we’d use for the test was riddled with malware and adware infections. Terrified that this would negatively affect the reliability and comparability of any observations we made during the test, I rather furiously scurried about in order to clean the system before our first participant at 9AM.

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streaming wars

With Netflix effectively having a monopoly on the US video streaming market, the attention has shifted towards european markets and the UK is one clear battleground for streaming services. I wanted to do a UX comparison between the two most easily reconizable streaming brands, but in the midst of pulling the article together – Amazon went and demolished the LoveFilm service and replaced it with an extremely convoluted and confusing Amazon Instant Video service. Not much has changed on the availaibilty of the two platforms’ on devices – and with

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